Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stay Where Your Hands Are

I said this to a friend this morning. She was panicked. About everything. I know how that is. You pull the thread from a small hole and a vast new terrifying landscape appears through the bigger hole you're creating.

I needed to say it for myself too. I caught myself fretting about the Tely 10 race coming up on this Sunday, about my appearance on a post by the venue hosts of my recent performance. Self criticism is one of my old reliable default standbys. I'm an expert on beat-myself-up behaviour. Instead of feeling thrilled about the reception my performance gave I focussed on my poor posture, my stomach roll, you name it: I'll inflict self-shame on it.

Her call pushed me upright. In more ways than one.

And I look at my hands for they will:

Cut up my healthy lunch for today,
Get me suited and booted and socked and...
Lead me out the door for a training walk,
Write this post,
Reach out to someone else today,
Pick up a bit of knitting to bore the inner monster,
Lift up and read a beautiful West Cork history book given to me by my sister
Type up a few daily emails to distant friends and loved ones.

I am sickened by so much - Gaza, Ukraine, the dying bees, you name it, the list is endless. And it was and is and will be ever thus. There is nothing, apart from outrage and outcry that I can do about it all. All of it noise: Internal. External.

There be dragons out there where my hands are not.

I can't feed them too.

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Anonymous Verna Wilder said...

Hello my friend. You inspire me. Breathe into those beautiful hands.
Sending love,

Thu Jul 24, 03:24:00 PM GMT-2:30  
Anonymous Grannymar said...

Great idea to stay where your hands are. I'm clapping mine in your honour.

Thu Jul 24, 03:37:00 PM GMT-2:30  
Anonymous Ursula said...

So am I, WWW (sickened that is). I sometimes have to blend out what human beings are capable of doing to each other otherwise I'd surrender to despair.

Hands - yes, what would we do without our hands? Which is why it doesn't pay to steal a loaf of bread to feed your kids in a country where they chop your hand off for it.


Fri Jul 25, 06:28:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Maggie May said...

There is such a lot of bad news just lately and no one seems to be able to do a thing about any of it.
Wouldn't it be good to have a *Good News* channel on TV to balance things up?
I like to keep my hands busy too and we can make a difference to many around us.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Fri Jul 25, 07:20:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


As you do me.

Breathe. Yes.


Fri Jul 25, 10:16:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Sharon said...

I love this post and am grateful for your timing. The sale of my daughter's house fell through yesterday and as she was arriving here to assess and regroup I read your words. She wasn't in a place to receive advice, but I was reminded that I can "stay where my hands are" so gave the support and listening ear that I can.

Fri Jul 25, 10:16:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Ah GM:

Just when I needed a cheering section :)


Fri Jul 25, 10:16:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


The world is "too much with us" at times, can't remember who said that but it's as valid today as never before.

Irish people were sent off to Australia in convict ships forever for stealing even half a loaf when their children were starving.


Fri Jul 25, 10:18:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Yes, busy hands, the devil gets bored, unless we're doing his busy-work.


Fri Jul 25, 10:19:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Thanks for that, it's extraordinary how our words can fly out and help another, isn't it.

I hope your daughter can visualize a better sale ahead.


Fri Jul 25, 10:20:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Anonymous Linda P. said...

You have already reached "out to someone else today" by writing this post. How we all need these words and insights.

Fri Jul 25, 01:49:00 PM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks Linda!


Fri Jul 25, 10:38:00 PM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Hattie said...

We all must do what we can, at least keeping ourselves going. Best to you.

Sat Jul 26, 01:16:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

So true Hattie, in spite of challenges, some have it worse than others.


Sat Jul 26, 11:00:00 AM GMT-2:30  
Anonymous Rummuser said...

The world has been like that for ever. Just enjoy what has been given to us is my motto.

Thu Jul 31, 10:41:00 AM GMT-2:30  

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