Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It was +5C yesterday and I treated myself to the full Aran effect for my long afternoon walk with the wonderdog, Ansa. I had to take a pic. I made it all myself over the years. A headless selfie wouldn't have done it justice at all.

My morning meditation had it:

"We only spent 5% of our lives doing what we love to do best."

It stopped me in my tracks.

Imagine! Only 5%!

Some of the 95% is maintenance, I imagine: roof, food, clothing, medical, etc.

Another chunk would be addiction: booze, food, TV, interwebz.

What do I love to do best?

Write. Read. Knit. Have friends and family in. Take photographs, play the piano. Write and direct plays. Visit friends and family.

I'm caught again by the weather today and had to cancel all town appointments including medical, lunch and dinner with friends, groceries and hair chop.

It is -10C with windchill and freezing rain now to be followed later on by 10CM of snow, followed my more rain. My larder is looking light but I have pre-prepped meals in the freezer.

And I'm writing. Even if it's the blog. I'm writing. Increasing that 5% even a wee bit.

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Anonymous nick said...

I don't know where the 5% comes from but I don't believe it. Personally I probably spend close to 50% of my time doing what I enjoy. Of course I only have a part-time job, which helps. The figure for Jenny is probably even more than 50% as one of her favourite things is sleeping.

Wed Jan 22, 10:29:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


You never said what you enjoy doing in that 50%. I imagine sleep, etc. would be considered functional.

I do believe the 5% is about fulfilling artistic passion, exploration, fresh pursuits etc.


Wed Jan 22, 10:48:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous Maggie Turner said...

I think I've spent less than .01% of my time doing what I love best, but then I loved that time spent so much that even memories of it bring me joy, which affects the percentage I think.

-37C here this morning, 9C in the house where I am sitting, heating system going full out. Mist the Kitty, our resident royalty, is out of sorts. The weather has my attention! By February the night lows here will reach above -20C, so we can relax a little on toting firewood!

Wed Jan 22, 11:00:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Hattie said...

Men spend more of their time doing what they like than women do,I would say.

Wed Jan 22, 11:48:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Annie said...

Hah we have a blizzard over here on the mainland :) I just came in from a walk with my own wonder dog, and I now realize that she is at her Hapi-est in a blizzard. Snow on the ground is ho-hum to her, but when it is -12 and blowing hard zero visibility ( a neighbour formerly of northern Ontario says "Blowing dead bears") she's prancing and dancing like a fool. Now she's moping because I won't come out to play.

5% is probably in the ballpark for me too. Must work on that ;)

Wed Jan 22, 02:01:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Annie said...

Oh yes, and LUV the Aran! Good for you!

Wed Jan 22, 02:03:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous nick said...

Well, let me see, there's music, reading (books and newspapers), walking, movies, art exhibitions, travelling, drinking coffee, good food, blogging, Facebooking, kissing and cuddling. Loads of things!

Wed Jan 22, 02:23:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


I found the day particularly wretched too, had a nap this afternoon. I must relax more around weather cancelled plans, much as I am attached to them!!

I did write some more so that's another chunk added to the 5%.


Wed Jan 22, 06:55:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


I so agree, but sports watching? H'm. Many of my guyfriends spend a lot of time sitting in armchairs, slurping bevvies and then posting rah-rahs on FB about their teams.
That would not be part of the 5% bliss in my book but they would disagree.

Wed Jan 22, 06:57:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Oh I would love Hapi and Ansa to meet, Ansa's husky blood soars when snow hits!

Rough old weather, yeah? Oh me nerves as we say here and I really, really felt it today.


Wed Jan 22, 06:58:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

And thanks Annie, some of my 5% on display :)

Wed Jan 22, 06:59:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

You're a lucky man Nick!! Hats off.


Wed Jan 22, 06:59:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Secret Agent Woman said...

On my weekends I spend way more than 5% of my time doing what I love best. Maybe less true on work days.

Wed Jan 22, 07:45:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Secret Agent Woman said...

Gorgeous sweater, cap and scarf, by the way.

Wed Jan 22, 07:45:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Right there with you...
Need to do more of what I like :)
So cold
faucets are dripping
hope nothing freezes
be glad
when Spring arrives.

Wed Jan 22, 09:48:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Yes on days I choose to just do what captures my interest I can spend 100% of my time immersed and thanks for compliment :)


Thu Jan 23, 08:46:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


I'm with you, don't recall my being this fed up with winter ever before!

It seems to go on and on and on. wind rattling everything as I write and blown all the snow away.


Thu Jan 23, 08:48:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Friko said...

You could increase that 5% by lots more. The weather is all the excuse I’d need.

Reading and writing all day - just think. Bliss

Thu Jan 23, 01:55:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Interesting information. I think a lot of though, as we age, increase that 5% to 10-15% of doing what we enjoy --- simply because it's so detrimental to slog away at more uninteresting, exhausting or frustrating things. At least, I'm trying very hard!

Fri Jan 24, 01:14:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Sharon said...

Beautiful knits. Thank you for your comments over at my place. I will enjoy reading through your stories and insights here ~

Sun Jan 26, 12:52:00 AM GMT-3:30  

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